A better society starts with communities
pulling together

Help Eggcup to support our
community through local action


Eggcup is about food, people and community.

Eggcup stops surplus food from going to waste and gets it to people instead. Our low-cost, weekly food scheme helps our members to save money on food, and that makes life more affordable for those in our community on a tight budget.

We have two Community Food Outlets for our members, one in Lancaster and one in the West End of Morecambe. We have a professional 5* food warehouse at our Lancaster base.

Most of the work in our warehouse and outlets is done by volunteers who want to contribute to building a stronger community and making good use of surplus food.

Some of our volunteers are members – we’re all pulling together! We also run a low-cost Buying Cooperative, where we pool our collective buying power to get great discounts. The Buying Cooperative is for Eggcup members and for other community food organisations across the district.

So, how does it work?

We intercept food that would otherwise go to waste from farms, factories, distribution centres, shops and other food businesses.

The food is safely stored at our Community Food Hub and then sorted by our team of fantastic volunteers.

The food is then taken to our Community Food Outlets where Eggcup members come to collect it each week and turn it into delicious meals.


If you’re interested in becoming a member you can read more here.

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Offer Food

If you’re a food business and you’d like to ensure that your surplus avoids landfill and supports your local community, please check out our Offer Food page.

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You can make a real difference in your community. Find out how on our volunteering page.

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Be part of the change.

A better society starts with communities coming together.


We really need more volunteers!

Barry knows his onions. He also knows that by volunteering with Eggcup he can make a difference in our community. So can you!

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Tonnes of food saved
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Equivalent number
of meals


Saved for our community
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