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Have you heard about our community survey?  We want to improve what we do and make sure it matches what people want.  So we need to talk to people.  We’re looking particularly to talk to people who are feeling the pinch and don’t always find it easy to make ends meet.  You would be doing us a favour by taking part in our phone survey and we’re offering £5 for your time.  If you’d like to take part you can fill in your details by clicking this link.  Give us your number and the best time to call and we’ll call you back.  Thank you!

Eggcup is about food, people and community

Eggcup stops surplus food from going to waste and gets it to people instead. Our low-cost, weekly food scheme helps our members to save money on food, and that makes life more affordable for those in our community on a tight budget.

In ordinary times, we run surplus food clubs, but that hasn’t been safe during the crisis.  So we’ve set up two new Community Food Outlets in Lancaster and Morecambe where members can come in and collect their food.

If you’re interested in becoming a member you can read more here.

If you’re a food business and you’d like to ensure that your surplus avoids landfill and supports your local community, please check out our Food Offers page.

How does it work?

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