The Morecambe Visitor gives annual awards to people and organisations who have brightened up our community, in all sorts of categories: Business, Health Hero, Charity Fundraiser.

Eggcup has won the 2020 award for Sustainability. We have had a very busy year since starting in June 2019, setting up the warehouse, starting a new food club, and responding to the challenges of Covid-19 with deliveries to members, a new food delivery programme, and a Buying Cooperative to add some essentials to our surplus food parcels. And we are delighted to have the well-deserved recognition for the efforts of our hard-working team and our wonderful band of volunteers. We are also delighted to appear on a list with other organisations that have contributed so much to the community, such as the Morecambe Promenade Parkrun – we hope to see the runners back on the Prom on a not-too-distant Saturday morning.

We’re just sad that there is no banquet this year, where David could do a tearful Oscars-style acceptance speech, and he, Phil, Jay, and Jeni could do their four-part rendition of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’.