Phil Tarney – Charity Manager

I have worked around food for the vast majority of my working life. I have seen the amount of food that goes to waste through working in supermarkets and it never sat right with me. The fact that something entirely edible has to be thrown away simply because of a number printed on the packaging can’t be right. Working at eggcup has given me the chance to address this. The food that we send out to our members is of a good standard and is helping many people in our community. I love what we do here, it really makes you feel like you are making a difference to people’s lives.

Tom Myall – Warehouse Manager

As a Lancastrian I care deeply about this city and its people. When I left school, I started working for a local community organisation, which is where I first experienced the pleasure of working alongside volunteers. I have also worked for 2 local supermarkets and have seen first hand the shocking amount of food waste that still goes on today. I am passionate about reducing this and distributing perfectly good food to people who need it, so Eggcup is the perfect environment for me, supervising the depot and working alongside our wonderful volunteers. If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to talk, please come and see me. I’m interested in anything you guys have to say, and will try to take your ideas on board.

Jane Attfield – Systems and Admin Manager

I’ve been involved in the voluntary and community sector for most of my working life, including in community supported agriculture. I’ve seen first hand how those who grow our food at one end of the supply chain and those who consume it at the other, seem to get the poorest deal. Not only is food an essential to life, I believe it’s also an essential ingredient for family, friendship and community. For me, Eggcup is one of those important organizations that aims to think globally and act locally and I’m proud to be part of this fantastic, team of volunteers and staff!

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering for The Access Project and National Plant Monitoring Scheme, growing veg and generally being outdoors.

Rebecca Fox – Morecambe Outlet Manager

I started volunteering at Eggcup at the beginning of 2022 every Thursday as I was getting restless working in admin from home. I heard about Eggcup through a friend, and got in touch as I believe in the values surrounding food waste, sustainability, and of course food justice. I enjoyed volunteering so much that it became the highlight of my week, so when the opportunity to work full time with Eggcup arose, I couldn't resist. I enjoy how varied working here is and I'm always amazed at how fantastic all the Eggcup team are and what both volunteers and staff achieve together.

Outside of work, I'm a bit all over the place! I'm a Manchester United fan, I've been on and off with T'ai Chi, I like to sing, run, I really enjoy cooking and hiking.

Jay Godden – Gleaning Coordinator

I started at Eggcup as a volunteer during the first lockdown in 2020. Since then I've worked in the warehouse and at the Morecambe site. My role now is in getting food into eggcup, and I enjoy being able to work with distributors and especially growers to get more food through to our members. It's very eye opening heading to the farms and seeing the amount of waste our farmers have to create in our current systems, and I look forward to a day when what we eat is dictated by what local people can grow, not megacorp profits. Outside of work I like rock climbing, tabletop gaming, and eating (or cooking, is that what people normally say?)

Billie Collins - Outlet Manager

During the Covid-19 pandemic I was furloughed and joined Eggcup in July of 2021 to keep me busy! I was motivated to volunteer at Eggcup to combat food poverty and the ever growing issue of food waste in our country. I was asked to be a supervisor in October of 2022 and I jumped at the opportunity! I am grateful for all the leaning I have done, all the new people I get to meet, and working with all the like minded people. Eggcup is a fantastic place to be, I love how positive and kind everyone is and it is amazing to see everyone work together to help the community.

Yvon Appleby – Trustee

Eggcup ticks all the boxes for me as it is a community based charity enabling local surplus food distribution.  Much of my working life has been in adult education, inside and outside classrooms, finding different ways of supporting learning. The way that Eggcup works is a great model, fitting food and people together.  Food poverty, and more recently food surplus, go back for me to the 1970s.  Then I worked in a food coop in Staffordshire, having moved to Lancaster I am now growing food in my community allotment in Heysham. I am a member of our local Friends group developing and maintaining our local playground and in spare moments enjoying singing in a local community choir.

Dusty Thomas – Trustee

As well as being an Eggcup trustee I am also chair of the Lancaster District Food Justice Partnership. I am also a trustee of Morecambe Bay Foodbank which has helped to work together a lot more closely. I have been part of the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission facilitation team since the start up group stage. I am one of the co-founders of Let's BeFriends, a homeless charity, and manage the staff. I also sit on the Lancaster District Health and Wellbeing partnership board.

Mike Webster – Trustee

The encouragement to volunteer during the pandemic pushed me in the direction of Eggcup so I signed up to do some driving. I find it appalling that in one of the richest countries in the world some people can’t afford to eat. For some time too I have become aware of the awful waste of food there is in the developed world. Since becoming involved with Eggcup I have seen the potential of community based activities to both support people in need and to help educate others in the importance of food sustainability. Being an Eggcup trustee gives me a great opportunity to use the experience and skills acquired over 40 years in teaching and management consultancy to help make a difference to my local community. In my other life I love playing golf, cooking and spending time with my family.

Greg Myers – Trustee

I came to eggcup through my other volunteering activities, where I saw how many people have difficulty getting enough food for themselves and their families. The food banks deal with brief crises, such as a benefits sanction or the sudden loss of a job. But we need longer- term ways to work with and support the many people who are always just on the edge of getting by, with jobs that don’t pay enough or give variable hours, and with erratic and punitive benefits.

So I joined this project thinking about food poverty. But as I’ve worked with my colleagues, I have become more aware of just how much food is wasted, of how it has become part of the system of food production and distribution, and of how much it costs the environment. (And I’ve become more aware of the waste in my own practices of shopping, cooking, and eating). The long-term challenge is both reducing food waste, and getting food that is in the wrong place to people who can use it.

To answer the question everyone asks me as soon as I open my mouth, I am originally from Idaho, in the Rocky Mountains of the western USA. I came to the UK more than 35 years ago, and taught linguistics for many years at Lancaster University. I retired two years ago. When I am not volunteering, I like to walk and take photos.

Deborah Finn – Trustee

I stumbled into all of this without much of a plan.  I find it really unacceptable that some people struggle to have enough money to eat, pay the bills, feel secure in their home.  We have to work towards a better world in the long term, but I felt like I needed to do something more immediate.  So back in 2016 I set up the first surplus food club in the district.  It worked really well and the idea took off and now we have quite a few clubs in the area.  We’re loosely grouped together in an Intercepted Food Club Alliance.  The food club idea took off so well that it started to seem like we could do with having our own redistribution centre right here, so Eggcup came into being.  Now that Eggcup is standing on its own two feet, I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to get back to some of my hobbies of painting, writing and canoeing - though of course the struggle for a better world never stops.

Elaine Girvan – Trustee

I am originally from Northern Ireland and spent a number of years living and working in Southern England. Now I find myself living in the Netherlands working for the Changing Markets Foundation where I look after all the operational and financial aspects of the organisation.

I have a strong interest in all areas surrounding the sustainability of the food system, and in my search for an opportunity, and a way to put what skills I have to some good use, I had the good fortune to come across Eggcup. In these COVID times I was able to join a few meetings (virtually), and not only have I been impressed by the ethos of the organisation but also, by what this hardworking bunch of people have managed to achieve and their vision for the future. I feel very honoured to have been asked to be part of the team and to become a Trustee.

Could you be an Eggcup Trustee?

Our Values

Solidarity: A belief in the need to stand together, mutually support and cooperate with other food organisations to strengthen our thriving community food network in order to supply people with food.

Justice and fairness: A belief that having enough food to live, grow and thrive is a basic human right, and food should be distributed fairly. We will supply food clubs and community groups equitably with the food stuffs we source.

Facilitation: A belief that those who have the resources to help others to develop their potential should do so. We will support existing food clubs and stimulate the growth of new clubs, providing training to volunteers and continuously learning with the community.

Sustainability: A belief in working towards a food system designed for people and the planet. Where food is designated as surplus it should be eaten by people wherever possible. We will avoid waste and wherever possible, promote sustainable practices that benefit good nutrition and the health of the environment. We aim for financial sustainability as a non-profit organisation.