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Volunteer week!


Currently, it takes 75 volunteer shifts a week to keep Eggcup running. That includes the staffing to run the warehouse and serve members in Lancaster and Morecambe, the drivers to pick up and deliver food, and the admin support to keep in touch with the members. It is not just shifting crates of tins across the warehouse (though there is a lot of that): volunteers drive, enter the data, record refrigerator temperatures, count a lot, serve the members at the counters, and interact with each other all the time to get the tasks done. Eggcup is grateful to all the volunteers [...]

Volunteer week!2021-06-09T07:46:25+00:00

One Year of the Buying Cooperative


When Eggcup members come to the Lancaster Hub or the Morecambe outlet to choose their food, they always find fresh milk, eggs, and bread. They may not all realise it, but these items are different from the rest of their shop. Eggcup was set up to intercept surplus food and distribute it to people who can use it, to keep it from going to waste. Some weeks there is a lot, some weeks there is less, and sometimes there are surprising items; last week I saw mangoes and mascarpone cheese, as well as the usual veg, fruit, tinned goods, cereals and [...]

One Year of the Buying Cooperative2021-05-13T21:23:08+00:00

Food Ladders


Eggcup is one of many organisations dealing with food poverty in Lancaster and Morecambe. Most people know about the two local food banks, Morecambe Bay Food Bank and The Olive Branch, which provide crucial, short-term support in a crisis. Eggcup and other food clubs use mostly intercepted food to provide longer-term support for people who are struggling or just about managing. There are community kitchens that, in non-Covid times, provide hot meals. And there are community gardens such as Claver Hill. Eggcup is an active member of the Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance, which brings these groups together. They have developed [...]

Food Ladders2021-04-20T10:07:37+00:00

The Morecambe outlet, two months on


Jay, the manager, and volunteers Jean, Adele, and Yannick outide the Morecambe outlet. Ever since we set up the hub in Lancaster  we knew we needed a similar place for our Morecambe members. The Morecambe outlet, Food-People-Community, is a joint project with Stanleys Community Centre, funded by Food Power/Sustain and West End Morecambe Big Local. We got a lot of support from Lancaster City Council Housing Department; their staff members Dave Hayhurst and Dave Ferguson (with help from Stephen, the shop's landlord) spent a month doing the clearing, joinery, counters, and painting to transform the space from a crowded antique shop to [...]

The Morecambe outlet, two months on2021-03-11T22:05:58+00:00

Expanding the range of surplus food: Xcess


Where does Eggcup’s food come from? Most of it comes from FareShare, a national organisation that collects surplus food, for instance from supermarket distribution centres. We drive down to the regional depot in Preston three times a week to pick it up. Other food comes from local donations, such as the food we got when restaurants shut for the first lockdown, or when supermarkets shut for Christmas. And each week we buy some essentials such as milk, bread, and eggs through our buying cooperative. It is great that we can get food from FareShare, because we can connect to people who [...]

Expanding the range of surplus food: Xcess2021-03-01T22:15:09+00:00

Christmas at Eggcup


Supermarkets have lots of surplus food at Christmas. They want to have stock of the standard items for everyone, whenever they come in, and some surprising things that they might only stock for the holiday, when customer might want to try something new. When everything closes around 4:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, they have lots left over, and two or three days before they open again. Often, the use-by dates are fairly soon, so they can’t hold it until after the holiday. On Christmas Eve 2019, Eggcup collected a lot of food, but some of the usual outlets were closed. In [...]

Christmas at Eggcup2021-01-12T16:45:50+00:00

Recognition for Eggcup from the High Sheriff of Lancashire


Eggcup is delighted that its work in the Covid-19 crisis has been recognised by a certificate from the High Sheriff of Lancashire.  If you are thinking of six-guns and pointed stars, Catherine Penny is not that kind of sheriff. The role dates back to 1154, and its holders, who are appointed for one year, included John of Gaunt. The role is ceremonial now. (Gardeners may recognise Catherine Penny as founder of Stydd Nursery in Ribchester, with its famous roses). In a normal year she would have gone around the county visiting and promoting charitable work, especially work with children, which is [...]

Recognition for Eggcup from the High Sheriff of Lancashire2020-11-18T09:07:44+00:00

Making the meals at Lancaster & Morecambe College Catering Department


The meals that Eggcup delivers to vulnerable people around the area are made by the Lancaster and Morecambe College Catering Department, with puddings from Chef’s Catering Northwest. When David, our charity manager, first proposed the idea to Adrian (above) and Lindsey (below) at the College, they were eager to participate. The students had been sent home, the staff were doing distance teaching, the restaurant was shut, and the vast kitchens weren’t being used. Lindsey prepares scones. Adrian and Lindsey got together a team with their colleague Steve, some student volunteers, and College colleagues from Personnel, Health and Safety, Occupational [...]

Making the meals at Lancaster & Morecambe College Catering Department2020-09-30T20:07:12+00:00

Visitor brings us Sunshine


The Morecambe Visitor gives annual awards to people and organisations who have brightened up our community, in all sorts of categories: Business, Health Hero, Charity Fundraiser. Eggcup has won the 2020 award for Sustainability. We have had a very busy year since starting in June 2019, setting up the warehouse, starting a new food club, and responding to the challenges of Covid-19 with deliveries to members, a new food delivery programme, and a Buying Cooperative to add some essentials to our surplus food parcels. And we are delighted to have the well-deserved recognition for the efforts of our hard-working team and [...]

Visitor brings us Sunshine2020-09-25T14:55:07+00:00

Volunteers make Eggcup work


The Covid-19 crisis has brought lots more work to do at Eggcup: new projects, with new deliveries and pick-ups, lots more food to check, weigh, sort and package, more demands for data and reports.  Fortunately it also brought more volunteers. When lockdown began, many people on furlough were looking for satisfying things to do, and many people who would usually volunteers elsewhere found their regular work cancelled.  We got a remarkable range of people coming to Eggcup: a coach driver, a plumber, civil servants, a human relations consultant, students, teachers.  We also got help from members of the Big Kid Circus, [...]

Volunteers make Eggcup work2020-08-17T21:42:41+00:00