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Volunteers make Eggcup work


The Covid-19 crisis has brought lots more work to do at Eggcup: new projects, with new deliveries and pick-ups, lots more food to check, weigh, sort and package, more demands for data and reports.  Fortunately it also brought more volunteers. When lockdown began, many people on furlough were looking for satisfying things to do, and many people who would usually volunteers elsewhere found their regular work cancelled.  We got a remarkable range of people coming to Eggcup: a coach driver, a plumber, civil servants, a human relations consultant, students, teachers.  We also got help from members of the Big Kid Circus, [...]

Volunteers make Eggcup work2020-08-17T21:42:41+00:00

One thousand Easter eggs, and other responses to the Covid-19 Outbreak


Eggcup was set up to provide surplus food to food clubs in Lancaster and Morecambe. But from the beginning, the aim was to be flexible, to allow it to do whatever was needed. This flexibility has been tested in the Covid-19 outbreak, when food clubs stopped having social meetings, restaurants shut down, and supermarkets were besieged with panic buying, so that for some items they had empty shelves, rather than the usual surplus. I talked to Project Manager David France to catch up with what Eggcup has been doing so far during the crisis. Food clubs are meant to [...]

One thousand Easter eggs, and other responses to the Covid-19 Outbreak2020-07-14T13:36:32+00:00

Wasted food is food that someone didn’t value enough


As we set up our intercepted food warehouse, we have been looking at well-established projects elsewhere with similar aims, so that we can avoid reinventing the wheel and learn from the hard experience of others. In August, we drove over to Sheffield to meet René Meijer at Food Works, an organisation that redistributes surplus food. Rene had a lot of practical suggestions for Eggcup and he was very generous in sharing the lessons he had learned.   It was inspiring to see the project in action and to feel the sense of solidarity of people in another part of the [...]

Wasted food is food that someone didn’t value enough2019-09-02T15:39:08+00:00