2004, 2021

Food Ladders

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Eggcup is one of many organisations dealing with food poverty in Lancaster and Morecambe. Most people know about the two local food banks, Morecambe Bay Food Bank and The Olive Branch, which provide crucial, short-term support in a crisis. Eggcup and other food clubs use mostly intercepted food to provide [...]

1103, 2021

The Morecambe outlet, two months on

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Jay, the manager, and volunteers Jean, Adele, and Yannick outide the Morecambe outlet. Ever since we set up the hub in Lancaster  we knew we needed a similar place for our Morecambe members. The Morecambe outlet, Food-People-Community, is a joint project with Stanleys Community Centre, funded by Food Power/Sustain and West [...]

302, 2021

Expanding the range of surplus food: Xcess

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Where does Eggcup’s food come from? Most of it comes from FareShare, a national organisation that collects surplus food, for instance from supermarket distribution centres. We drive down to the regional depot in Preston three times a week to pick it up. Other food comes from local donations, such as [...]

1201, 2021

Christmas at Eggcup

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Supermarkets have lots of surplus food at Christmas. They want to have stock of the standard items for everyone, whenever they come in, and some surprising things that they might only stock for the holiday, when customer might want to try something new. When everything closes around 4:00 p.m. on [...]

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