David France at Eggcup

When David France, the Charity Manager, started work in November 2019, he built his own office in the mezzanine of the empty warehouse on the Lansil Estate. Not many charity managers start with so little and have to be so hands-on in making their project happen. David has the knowledge, [...]

A better society is possible.

Over Challenge Poverty Week we have explored some of the issues related to poverty in the UK - the factors that drive poverty; the impact that poverty and wider inequality can have; how the reliance on surplus food has created a fragile support system ill-equipped to handle the current [...]

Austerity creates poverty

Do any of these things worry you: Not being able to get a GP appointment Needing expensive social care as you get older Not having enough money coming in to pay your bills Having to wait for critical hospital treatment Losing your home if you can’t pay the rent or [...]

Dusty’s story

In this blog post we tell the story of Eggcup member, Trustee and anti-poverty campaigner, Dusty. Dusty is not able to work due to long term health issues and lives on the poverty line, relying on disability payments (PIP). He’s a strong champion of the voices of those with [...]

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