2608, 2020

Eggcup delivers on DEFRA’s food charities grant fund

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In July and August, the warehouse was full with even more food than usual: bread, potatoes, carrots, milk, eggs, and lots and lots of pasta. The huge walk-in refrigerator was crammed with meat and cheese. Some of this was part of our regular supply of surplus food, but much of [...]

307, 2020

One thousand Easter eggs, and other responses to the Covid-19 Outbreak

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Eggcup was set up to provide surplus food to food clubs in Lancaster and Morecambe. But from the beginning, the aim was to be flexible, to allow it to do whatever was needed. This flexibility has been tested in the Covid-19 outbreak, when food clubs stopped having social [...]

109, 2019

Wasted food is food that someone didn’t value enough

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As we set up our intercepted food warehouse, we have been looking at well-established projects elsewhere with similar aims, so that we can avoid reinventing the wheel and learn from the hard experience of others. In August, we drove over to Sheffield to meet René Meijer at Food [...]

1508, 2019

Surplus Food Brexit

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What’s going to happen to surplus food in a No Deal Brexit scenario? No one knows. There is no certainty what will happen to the nation’s retail food supply, let alone the ‘underground’ world of surplus food. We know that the UK is dependent on food imports and [...]

408, 2019

Depot Work Begins

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What’s been happening down at the depot? Since we signed the lease on the unit we’ve been working to get the building equipped. The floorspace isn’t huge, so we’re having a mezzanine installed in order to create some office space. And once that’s in, we’re going to need [...]

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