Here at Eggcup we work with a number of businesses to redistribute their surplus. When they have stock that can’t be used for whatever reason, whether it is coming up on its date, mislabelled, or just part of a stock changeover, we can make use of it to get it to our members across North Lancashire. This is obviously very important for us in our mission to provide affordable access to food to our community, and so we really appreciate any and all businesses that go out of their way to work with us in this way.

Today we’re especially saying thanks to Altham’s Ship’s Stores and Offshore Supplies, a company based in Heysham who specialise in getting food and other provisions onto the many ships and ferries taking goods and people around our island. They might be a part of the food system that you hadn’t considered before, making sure that all these vessels are kitted out with all of their food and drinks needs, as well as providing specialist and technical services, even delivering forgotten birthday presents according to their website!


We first worked with Altham’s in 2021, when one of the volunteers in our Morecambe outlet mentioned that she was related to someone who worked there, and that they had some products sitting around that were past their Best Before date. Remember that products with a Use By date are not guaranteed to be safe to eat after the date, but Best Before products might just be “past there best”, and won’t necessarily be unsafe to eat. Not long after, Altham’s had very generously offered the stock to us, and some of our hard working van driver volunteers went to pick it up.


We’ve had a few similar offers of food from Altham’s since, including a number of pallets of crisps that we collected from them last month (see picture below). If you are a member of Eggcup, you might have been eating crisps that were once destined for a cruise liner! Thanks so much to everyone at Altham’s for making this happen and doing your bit to reduce food waste, and help support the local community.

We hope that Eggcup can provide a cheap and ethical alternative to paid waste disposal for local businesses, making sure that the food that they work so tirelessly to supply doesn’t end up just being used for anaerobic digestion (or landfill!) and gets to be eaten instead. If you think that your business could benefit from our redistribution services, check out our website, or email to find out more.