Offer Food

No-one wants to waste food, especially those in the food sector that know how much time and energy goes into producing and supplying it. But sometimes things happen that mean edible food can’t be used for it’s normal purpose. Eggcup offers food businesses a free solution to avoid wasting good food and uses it to support our community.

That’s good for business, good for our community and good for the planet!

So, how does it work?

Eggcup runs a professional food distribution warehouse in the north of Lancaster, close to the M6 and the Bay Gateway. We offer a free service to food businesses, redistributing food that they are not able to use. This can include organising the logistics of collecting food from businesses where necessary. We work around business operations and processes to make repurposing surplus food as simple as possible.

The food is then redistributed to people across the area who are facing financial challenges, through our own membership scheme and our network of community partners. The support our members receive through our service helps them to save money on their food bill so they have more to spend on other bills.

What we can take

We can take any kind of food product, including:

  • retail-ready packaged food
  • farm surplus
  • catering sized packs in need of portioning, packaging and labelling
  • surplus from cafes, restaurants and other hospitality outlets
  • chilled and frozen products
  • products with a short shelf-life, or even past their Best-Before date

We can take food by the pallet load or much smaller quantities and we’ll organise collections/deliveries to suit business needs.

You’re in safe hands

We are committed to providing full assurance to our food partners. We understand the need to protect business reputations both in how we handle food, and where it is distributed.

We operate a strict Food Safety Management System developed in partnership with our Local Authority food safety team. We are supported by the government funded Waste and Resources Action Programme and adhere to all the protocols in the WRAP guidance and checklist for food redistributors. We have a robust traceability system in place to allow us to complete product recalls wherever necessary.

We have an application process and strict guidelines for our members and community partners to ensure that the food we distribute reaches the right people.

If you have surplus food, we can handle it safely and make sure it gets to people who will benefit from it – helping you to reduce waste as well as support the community.

But don’t take our word for it, we’re already working with some fantastic partners:

“Eggcup have become an invaluable partner for us. They’ve been fantastic to work with and we’ve managed to significantly reduce our waste disposal costs. It’s great to know that our surplus can be used to support vulnerable people in our community.”

Colin Porter, Customer Experience Manager – Booths

So, what are the benefits?

Reduce your carbon footprint

The food system is responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions, and food waste contributes towards this. We can divert your edible food away from landfill and ensure it is used for it’s original purpose – feeding people. We’ll even let you know how much CO2 you’ve saved compared to throwing the food away.

Support your community

The food that we distribute makes a real difference to people in our community. It saves people money and helps to keep people out of financial crisis. More than this though, our service isn’t a charity handout, we treat people with dignity and respect. Our members have autonomy over their food choices and are part of a community solution.

Save money

Working with us will save you money. Our free service will reduce the costs of waste disposal to your business.

If you would like more information, or if you have food available to offer, then please get in touch: Phone: 01524 928027 / 07704 171596